Intensive One-Day Workshop:
How to Use the Startup Spirit of Silicon Valley

Startup Spirit: moving quickly, launching minium viable products,
agressively acquiring customers

Silicon Valley is talked about a lot. Company delegations visit it for educational one-week trips. They see Google, Stanford University, The Computer History Museum and probably some well-selected startups and their inspiring founders.

Then pumped up with lots of good spirit - and sunshine - they head back home wondering what lessons could be applied to their established companies and markets.

Innovation labs and accelerators are probably formed and board meetings have a new agenda item: response to digital innovations or disruptive innovations or transformation departments and others.

Now let's take a more reflected and relaxed but still fully engaged look at what can be learned and applied from the startup spirit of Silicon Valley. Foremost, understand how things really work and what makes sense to apply here.

At this intensive Workshop one day before the main event you will learn how Silicon Valley works and how the spirit of Silicon Valley could be used in your own organisation.

Can you bring this spirit to Switzerland or should you open a presence there?

You will learn

  • how the Silicon Valley works and how ultra-fast they move
  • how and into what venture capitalists invest - worldwide
  • what is the core message behind the "disruptive innovation" buzzword
  • how sharing economy and other modern business models affect traditional businesses
  • how the best innovation labs work and whether they are a suitable response for large- and medium-sized companies
  • how to open a presence in Silicon Valley

March 30, 2017

Start: 8:30am End: 5:30pm

Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, Lugano

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Welcome and introduction

How mind-blowingly fast the Silicon Valley ecosystem works: too fast for European companies?

by Ralf Haller, CEO extendance, organiser of the Silicon Valley meets Switzerland event

How and into what venture capitalists invest - worldwide

by Neil Rimer, Founder and Partner Index Ventures

Hands-on workshop. Discuss results.

"Disruptive Innovations" - the core message behind this overused buzzword

by Prof. Dr. Siegfried Alberton, Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, SUPSI

Hands-on workshop. Discuss results.


Beyond Sharing Economy – How to apply general patterns of new business models on established industries

by Hans-Jörg Dohrmann, Intrapreneur (Migros Group)

Hands-on workshop. Discuss results.

Innovation labs:
what works and what does not - results from a market study of 50 innovation labs in Germany

by Manuel Funk, CEO HoneyPump

Hands-on workshop. Discuss results.

End. Apéro


Manuel Funk

Manuel Funk is a Berlin based entrepreneur, consultant and Innovator with more than 20 years experience.

He is Founder and Managing Partner of HONEYPUMP, a future and innovation think tank advising large corporations in the field of Digital Strategy and Innovation Management.

Co-Founder of Katapult:Now, a network of 12 entrepreneurs focused on business transformation and corporate venture programs.

Mentor and advisor for different startups.

Before Honeypump Manuel founded several companies & consultancies.

He was in charge of over 200 different projects and is well connected in the Berlin startup and corporate venture ecosystem.

Last year Manuel conducted a large scientific study on corporate venture programs: The Innovator´s Dilemma of Innovation Labs and Corporate Accelerators.

Slideshare with over 85.000 views.

Neil Rimer

Neil co-founded Index Ventures with Giuseppe Zocco and David Rimer in 1996.

Previously he spent 4 years with Montgomery Securities in San Francisco before joining Index Securities in 1990.

He has invested in market-defining companies from across the spectrum including Betfair (LSE: BET), Funding Circle, Climate Corp. (MON), Deliveroo, (CBS), MOO and Supercell.

He has served on the board of U.C. Sampdoria, and currently serves on the board of Human Rights Watch.

Hans-Jörg Dohrmann

Hans-Jörg Dohrmann - as CEO of m-way, which specializes in electric bicycle retail, Hans-Jörg Dohrmann heads up a subsidiary of the Migros Group – the largest retailer in Switzerland.

In parallel he was also responsible for the foundation of Sharoo, a highly innovative car-sharing platform incubated by Migros.

He began his career as a lawyer and later transitioned to business development at E.ON AG.

He joined Migros in 2010, there becoming responsible for the upcoming concepts in the "new mobility“ segment.

Siegfried Alberton

As Professor of Economics and management of Inno¬vation, Siegfried Alberton leads the competence center inno3 (innovation, firms and entrepreneurship) at the De¬partment of Business Economics, Health and Social Care of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.

He is the scientific responsible for the Master of Sci¬ence in Business Administration with Major in Innovation Management.

His research interests, publications and service activity cover the Fields of the economics and management of innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial dynamics, regional economics, innovation and entrepreneurship policy, as well as inno¬vation and entrepreneurship metrics.


The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is one of the nine professional universities recognised by the Swiss Confederation.

Founded under federal law, SUPSI offers more than 30 Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree courses, characterised by cutting edge education which unites classical theoretical-scientific instruction with a professional orientation.

Great care is given to research, carried out in key sectors on competitively acquired projects with large European and national agencies or mandated by organisations and institutions.

Ralf Haller

Ralf Haller's 20 year IT career has spanned various marketing and business development roles, based on his training as an electrical engineer and masters in Telecommunication Systems (Karlsruhe Technology Institute).

His career started while at university, when he took an assistant role in the USA. Later, he excelled as an IT project manager for large key account clients at CompuNet in Munich and also worked in Hong Kong supporting the Asian region.

This prompted his move to Silicon Valley where he lived for many years, working as a Product Manager for successful startups building datacommunication equipment.

Since 2001, Ralf provides product marketing support and has organised specialist IT events in Switzerland that explore current IT trends and introduce the Swiss market to new and pioneering technologies from Silicon Valley.

Owing to his strong links with Silicon Valley, the Swiss cantons rely on him as a valued advisor for fresh and exciting startup activities emerging from there.

Ralf is also the organizer of international high-tech, innovation, entrepreneurship and business events in Switzerland, among them: